Third Party Inspections

Third Party Inspections


  • CBE (LSDBE certified)
  • (MWAA)-DBE certification

FMC & Associates Certified Inspections Program offers property owners and construction managers of commercial construction projects the option for certain construction inspections to be performed and certified by our “third-party” engineers and inspectors.

The Commercial Inspections Division will monitor the quality of the certified inspections. FMC Inspections Division staff will continue to provide full support to inspection requests for projects be independent of the contractors performing the work, and have no personal financial interest in the project.
Inspections shall be conducted under the direct supervision of, and certified by, a Registered Design Professional licensed in the District of Columbia. The Registered Design Professional and Registered Design Professional’s field inspector personnel shall all possess International Code Council, Inc. (ICC) inspector credentials.

Building inspection:
Inspection of the construction and components of a building or structure, including load bearing and non-load bearing elements, fire-resistance ratings, accessibility, means of egress and architectural features, Footings, foundations, and slabs on grade, when not on problem soils or controlled fill, and for which a geotechnical report is not required – Footing inspection and slab inspection. Walls, columns, floors, roofs, floor/ceiling assemblies, and roof/ceiling assemblies – Framing inspection. Close-in and final inspection.

Mechanical inspection:
Inspection of mechanical components, appliances, equipment and systems in a building or structure, including Insulation and energy conservation material – Close-in & final inspection. Mechanical ductwork, heating, ventilation, air conditioning appliances and equipment (new or replacement).

Electrical inspection:
Inspection of electrical components, appliances, equipment and systems in a building or structure, but excluding fire protection systems. Electrical systems, materials and installations – Close-in & final inspection. Reconnection of electrical services, TPF.

Plumbing inspection:
Inspection of plumbing components, appliances, equipment and systems in a building or structure, including water supply systems, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems, and fuel gas systems, but excluding fire protection systems. Ground work inspection and Close-in & final inspection.

Special inspections project:
A building or structure to be constructed or altered under the District of Columbia Special Inspections Program, with components and elements that are subject to special inspections as required by the District of Columbia Code and International Building. Certified to conduct structural steel, reinforced concrete testing and inspections, fireproofing, soil’s boring tests, geo-technical tests, and other preliminary inspection.